Certified Public Accountant License 

Just as a lawyer is defined by a law license, the CPA license is a symbol to the public that an accountant has mastered the vital elements of the profession. A CPA license is a high standard recognized by employers and their clients, governments and the public as an assurance of skill, dedication and quality. In today’s business world, a CPA represents a trusted voice in business and financial consulting and is a sought-after commodity among all walks of professional organizations.

NJ Small Business Enterprise

The SBE registration is required to compete for contracts under the Small Business Set Aside Act. The small business set-aside program was established with the goal of awarding 25 percent of state and purchase order dollars to small businesses.

Woman Business Enterprise Certification

WBE Certification stands for Woman Business Enterprise and denotes that a woman (or women) has majority ownership and control of a business entity. Most local and national government purchasing agencies track and/or have programs for doing business with women business owners. Having WBE Certification is the only way the purchasing agents have confidence that a business representing itself as woman-owned is, in fact, woman-owned and controlled.