Jennifer Vinciguerra, CPA LLC was formed in October of 2011 by Jennifer Vinciguerra, CPA. As the sole practitioner of the company, Jennifer started the business with the hopes of utilizing her extensive experience and skill sets obtained from over 10 years working in the industry. She began her career as an intern at a local public accounting firm prior to graduating from Seton Hall University, where she subsequently obtained both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. 

After being offered a full-time position at the firm upon graduating, Jennifer completed the necessary experience hours and educational requirements needed to sit for her CPA exam. Shortly thereafter, she passed all 4 parts of the exam and was awarded her Certified Public Accounting licensure from the state of New Jersey. Jennifer then spent the next 4 years growing within the firm and maximizing her potential. After realizing her aspirations to start her own firm, she left her position and formed Jennifer Vinciguerra, CPA LLC, which has been her focus ever since.