At Jennifer Vinciguerra, CPA LLC we are committed to providing our clients with the best services available. One of the main ways that we accomplish this is through our devotion to maintaining close, one on one relationships with our clients. As the sole practitioner of the firm, Jennifer Vinciguerra, CPA handles all client projects from start to finish. In doing so, we are able to ensure that all work is completed thoroughly, accurately, and efficiently. At the firm, none of the work is handed off to lower level, less experienced employees.

All of our clients can rest assured that a licensed CPA is working with them every step of the way. This also guarantees that we remain current and detailed in our knowledge of your business or personal happenings. You will never have to worry about wasted time researching an issue with a lower level employee to get the response you are looking for. Because she handles all work in its entirety, Jennifer is able to see the bigger picture and provide the highest quality of services to get you the results you deserve.